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Birth Injuries Attorneys New York

5 Helpful Tips for a NY Birth Injuries case

  • Obtain full copies of the hospital, pediatrician, and obstetrician records with heart monitoring strips.
  • Make a list of all doctors and hospitals where you received treatment along with the dates of treatment.Get your treating pediatrician’s opinion about the birth injury.
  • Get the names of any witnesses, including nurses.
  • Contact a New York birth Injuries attorney immediately to protect your rights.

Learning that your newborn child is injured is a terrible burden for any parent.  Discovering that your child’s injury was preventable makes the matter worse.  Birth injuries from medical malpractice occur in many different ways.  Erb’s palsy is a nerve injury affecting the shoulder and arm.  This can occur when the child’s shoulder becomes caught behind the mother’s pelvic bone during delivery.  Failing to properly perform the delivery and failing to properly treat the shoulder injury can cause Erb’s palsy.

Lack of oxygen during birth can cause irreparable harm to the child, even for a short period of time.  Injuries such as Cerebral Palsy can occur if a child is deprived of oxygen during labor or delivery.  The importance of proper fetal monitoring during labor is critical in preventing any loss of oxygen to the child.  Birth injuries may also occur from failing to diagnose infection, failing to timely perform a C-section, umbilical cord injuries, failing to detect fetal distress, failing to give adequate oxygen to a premature newborn,  failing to properly treat placental abruption, using excessive force during delivery, and improper administration of drugs such as Pitocin to induce labor.

Recent changes in the law sponsored by Governor Andrew Cuomo has limited the damages an infant can receive for future medical treatment in medical malpractice actions. Instead, a special fund was created for these children, but it is not clear how long the fund will last. It is important to consult with an experienced malpractice attorney familiar with these laws when considering bringing a lawsuit.

Get help from an experienced New York Birth Injury Lawyer at BBNRLaw.

Strict time limitations exist to commence a suit for medical malpractice.  In New York State, the time to commence a medical malpractice action may depend upon who is injured, who the potential defendant is, as well as the enactment of new laws and judicial decisions interpreting the law. Computing the time limitations is not a simple matter and a person should promptly consult an experienced medical malpractice attorney in New York once he or she suspects wrongdoing.

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