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Verdicts & Settlements

New York Construction Accidents

$3,600,000 million settlement for Spanish speaking Construction worker who fell off a 6 foot ladder and onto construction debris covering the floor, resulting in serious injuries. The plaintiff required a lumbar spinal surgery, multiple knee surgeries, and a wrist repair surgery after the plaintiff cut his wrist due to severe depression. When the lower court denied plaintiff’s motion for summary judgment, we appealed and won, resulting in 100 percent liability against the defendant. The defendants settled the case shortly afterwards.

$3,200,000 million judgment for a Polish construction worker who fell 12 feet to the ground causing disc herniations and a fractured vertebrae. Plaintiff’s counsel won summary judgment finding 100 percent liability against the defendant. The plaintiff then won a large jury award in a damages trial, and then won the defendant’s appeal. The defendant was required to pay 9% interest on top of the verdict award.

$2,000,000 million settlement for Polish construction worker who fell 2 stories from a material hoist bucket, severely fracturing his pelvis. The plaintiff won summary judgment finding 100 percent liability against the defendant. The defendants settled shortly before trial.

$1,500,000 million settlement for Construction worker who fell onto the ground after a piece of debris from above fell on him caused by other contractors chipping concrete stairs above him. The plaintiff required surgery on his cervical spine.

$1,500,000 million settlement after a trial against the State of New York for a construction worker who fell off a ladder while working on a bridge.

$875,000 million settlement in Westchester County for a construction worker who was hit in the head by a 5 gallon paint bucket that was being lifted to the roof. The plaintiff won summary judgment finding 100 percent liability against the defendants. The case settled during jury selection.

$875,000 settlement right before trial for a Spanish speaking construction worker who fell 3 stories off of a house while performing the framing work. The worker was not provided with any safety equipment. We made a motion for summary judgment and won liability. The only issue remaining was how much the jury was to award the client. The defendants asked to try and settle the case before a mediator and the case then settled for almost the entire insurance coverage available.

$700,000 settlement for construction worker who lost parts of 3 fingers from table saw that had safety switch and blade guard removed.

$350,000 settlement for a Polish construction worker who fell off a ladder injuring his elbow when the ladder collapsed.

New York Auto Accidents

$1,700,000 million verdict against the driver of a delivery truck who struck a man as he was crossing within the crosswalk in Manhattan.

$1,500,000 million verdict for pedestrian struck by a car while standing on the sidewalk in Brooklyn.

$750,000 verdict against The City of New York for failing to properly maintain the West Side Highway, causing a woman’s car to flip over.

$740,000 settlement for a passenger in a van sideswiped by a tractor trailer. The defendants tried to use a biomechanical engineer expert to claim the plaintiff’s back injuries could not have resulted from the accident, but was precluded after a hearing before the judge, requested by plaintiff’s counsel. The hearing showed that the expert was not properly qualified to offer such an opinion.

$650,000 settlement for motorist rear ended by another vehicle near the Lincoln Tunnel.

$610,000 settlement for a woman pinned between two cars as a result of an out of control taxi cab.

$550,000 settlement for motorist struck in the rear in the Bronx who suffered neck and back injuries. After settling his personal injury case for $100,000, we filed an under insurance claim and obtained another $450,000 in a settlement.

$500,000 settlement for a driver hit in the rear in midtown Manhattan when the defendant driver changed lanes without looking.

$500,000 settlement after a successful verdict against the City of New York for failing to maintain the roadway in lower Manhattan, causing a motorcyclist to lose control.

$495,000 settlement for a 61 year old Suffolk County motorist struck by a school bus that went through a stop sign.  The plaintiff required surgery on his neck due to herniated discs in his cervical spine.

$300,000 an elderly couple was driving their car when they were hit on the side and their car pushed into a tree. The driver of the other vehicle had a stop sign and claimed she was inching forward but had her vision blocked by shrubbery. We made a motion to find the defendant at fault as a matter of law and won. A month before the trial date, the defendant’s offered their entire insurance policy to settle the case.

$290,000 An older couple were hit on the side of their car while proceeding through an intersection.

Slip, Trip and Falls in New York

$2,800,000 million verdict against a commercial landlord for failing to correct a recurring leak in the basement cafeteria, causing a bank manager to slip and fall on a wet floor.

$2,800,000 million verdict for a young girl burned after falling on a scalding radiator that was improperly left uncovered.

$950,000 settlement after jury selection for an oil service mechanic who fell down concrete stairs in a residential apartment building.

$375,000 settlement after a verdict against a landlord who failed to properly light the entranceway to the building, causing a woman to trip and fall.

$350,000 settlement against a store owner who failed to properly maintain the stairway, causing the plaintiff to fall.

$300,000 for the Estate of a 79 year old man who tripped and fell on the sidewalk in Yonkers over a protruding remnant of a fire hydrant.

$285,000 settlement during trial against a trucking company whose employees dropped a 29-foot movie screen on the manager of movie theatre.

$125,000 settlement after a liability verdict against a landlord for failing to maintain an apartment building, causing the plaintiff to fall down the stairs.

$80,000 A Polish speaking woman was walking on the sidewalk when she tripped on an oil truck delivery hose. The hose was not bright colored and no sign was near to warn pedestrians. The case settled before trial.

Personal Injury Assaults in New York

$1,250,000 million settlement involving two women who were assaulted in the building they worked at while leaving work. A masked man entered the elevator when the door opened on a floor that was under construction and supposed to be vacant. The man began beating the two women with a metal pipe. The man was never captured and the two women both suffered physical injuries and post traumatic stress disorder. Each plaintiff received $625,000 and BBNR represented one of the women.

$600,000 settlement during trial against a landlord for failing to secure the apartment building against an intruder who robbed and terrorized a woman and her son.

$550,000 settlement during trial against a landlord for failing to secure an apartment building from an intruder who viciously assaulted a woman in front of daughter.

$330,000 verdict against Westchester County for failing to protect an inmate from being assaulted and beaten in their Jail.

$60,000 settlement against City of New York for teacher wrongfully arrested for harassment and spending a night in jail.

Dog Bite Attacks

$200,000 settlement against a dog owner for negligently allowing his vicious dog to attack a woman and sustain bite wounds to her leg.

$125,000 settlement against a Dog Control Officer in Sullivan County for allowing a stray Doberman to be taken into a public store where it attacked and bit the cashier/manager in her face leaving a permanent scar.  An expert witness and deposition testimony helped demonstrate vicious propensities.

$120,000 settlement for young girl and her father attacked by two dogs in upper Manhattan.

$26,000 settlement after a husky bit a woman while walking her dog. Veterinary records obtained helped prove the case of vicious propensities.

$26,000 In Queens County, a Polish speaking woman was walking her dog together with a friend who was also walking a dog. Suddenly, they saw a large husky unleashed and without its owner approach. The dog started to attack the dogs and eventually attacked and bit the two women. BBNR represented one of the women and the case settled before trial.

Medical and Dental Malpractice New York

$4,500,000 million medical malpractice verdict for 55 year old man who suffered massive internal bleeding and brain injury because the surgeon negligently cut the common iliac artery during a lumbar surgery. The anesthesiologist was also negligent for failing to communicate signs of internal bleeding to the surgeon during the operation.

$3,900,000 million medical malpractice settlement for 40 year old Brooklyn man who suffered a stroke and died after 7 years. The patient was undergoing eye surgery in Manhattan and was given medical clearance for local anesthesia for an expected 1-2 hour surgery, but was instead placed under general anesthesia for 7 hours. The patient’s blood pressure remained high during the surgery and he had a 30 minute hypertensive emergency at the end of the surgical case. The stroke was diagnosed within hours of the surgery.

$3,500,000 million medical malpractice settlement for a 56 year old man who suffered partial paralysis as a result of a Suffolk County hospital’s failure to timely diagnose and treat a brain infection.

$3,500,000 million settlement against a physician and hospital in Queens for failing to timely recognize fetal distress and timely perform a Caesarean section, resulting in brain injury to the infant and injuries to the mother during delivery.

$2,800,000 million settlement during trial against a Queens hospital that failed to recognize fetal distress resulting in hypoxia and brain injury to the plaintiff’s infant daughter.

$2,300,000 million settlement in a wrongful death action against a hospital caused by the failure to promptly diagnose and treat a bowel obstruction that led to gangrene and septic shock.

$2,250,000 million settlement during trial against a New York City Hospital that failed to timely perform a Caesarean section causing the child to suffer brain injury.

$1,500,000 million settlement against a physician who failed to diagnose a hip dislocation in a newborn girl

$1,400,000 million settlement prior to jury selection against a physician who misread a PAP smear and failed to timely diagnose cervical cancer.

$1,200,000 million settlement in a medical malpractice claim against a hospital for failing to timely diagnose compartment syndrome in a boy’s leg.

$1,150,000 million settlement against physician who misdiagnosed and misled the patient to believe she had incurable colon cancer.

$388,000 jury verdict in New York Supreme Court for a dentist’s failure to diagnose and treat periodontal disease. The plaintiff required four separate gum surgeries, scaling, root planings, root canals, and extraction of four teeth. The plaintiff needed a temporary bridge and would require a permanent bridge with implants.

$320,000 settlement involving a 10 year old girl not given proper treatment by an orthodontist when applying braces resulting in the destruction and potential loss of 5-6 permanent teeth. During the litigation, it was learned that the dentist employed three unlicensed dental assistants to perform treatment on the plaintiff in violation of the law.

$300,000 settlement for a man who had his bile duct cut while the surgeons were performing surgery to remove his gallbladder. The surgeons did not realize that they had cut the bile duct and another surgeon discovered the problem several days later while plaintiff’s condition was getting worse in the hospital.

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