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NYC Construction Accidents Are on the Rise – What You Need to Know

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Construction accidents are on the rise due to a wave of new buildings being constructed in New York City. Unfortunately, many contractors and owners are more concerned about getting the job done quickly instead of making sure the construction workers have safe working conditions.

In the first 6 months of 2015, there have been a large number of construction accidents that have made the headlines. For example, in January, 2015, a construction worker died after falling down an elevator shaft in an Upper West Side brownstone building at 130 W. 70th St. which was undergoing renovations. In February 2015, a three-story parking garage at 642 W. 57th Street under demolition partially collapsed on the west side of Manhattan, leaving one person seriously injured.

Approximately 16 construction workers were inside the building when it collapsed. In March, 2015, A Manhattan realtor preparing for her wedding was killed when a piece of plywood flew off of the construction site of a luxury development on Seventh Avenue South and struck her. In April, 2015, the NYC Department of Buildings issued violations and a stop work order at 331 Madison Ave because four construction workers were injured after a chandelier fell on top of them. The construction workers were doing demolition inside, trying to remove the chandelier from the ceiling. The marble banister on the mezzanine floor the workers used for leverage gave way according to the Buildings Department. Also in April, a crane accident at a construction site at 219 East 44th Street resulted in the death of a construction worker. In May, 2015 a massive heating and air-conditioning unit crashed into Madison Avenue when a crucial strap on the crane holding the unit snapped. The unit weighing several tons repeatedly crashed into the side of the building as it fell. These are just a handful of the construction accidents occurring in NYC in the first 6 months of 2015.

There are three potential remedies to help a construction worker injured on the job, and all three are handled by the prestigious law firm Brand Brand Nomberg & Rosenbaum, LLP located in midtown Manhattan. First, a Workers Compensation claim should be commenced to immediately help get medical bills and lost wages paid. Second, a Personal Injury action should be commenced to obtain monetary compensation for the pain and suffering of the injuries, lost wages, and medical expenses. And third, depending upon the injuries, a Social Security Disability claim should be commenced to obtain disability benefits from being unable to work.

Owners and contractors are obligated under the New York Labor Laws to provide proper protection to construction workers. Whether a person falls from a ladder, scaffold, or any height, is hit from a falling object, or is injured from demolition or excavation work, a construction worker in New York State has civil rights that permits seeking compensation for the injuries sustained and inability to work.

Construction accident litigation is very adversarial and requires a firm with the knowledge, experience, and ability to litigate and win against the large defense law firms. At Brand Brand Nomberg & Rosenbaum, we have consistently beaten the largest defense firms to help our clients obtain the compensation they deserve. If you are injured in a construction accident, BBNR offers free consultations and does not charge any attorney fees until the end of the case, and only if we win. Many construction workers have an illegal work status. However, the laws in New York State are very favorable to illegal construction workers and their work status does not prevent them from obtaining Workers Compensation benefits or commencing a Personal Injury lawsuit.

At BBNR, our first priority is to obtain the maximum monetary compensation for our clients. We speak several languages including Polish, Spanish, and Russian, so our clients never have difficulty communicating with their lawyers. Whenever a client wants to speak with an attorney at the firm, he or she only needs to pick up the phone, or simply come into the office. Every client of BBNR comes to appreciate how easy it is to speak to the lawyers and how clearly the lawyers relay information so everything is understood in a friendly and respectable manner. A client will never have any difficulty reaching his lawyer to answer any questions at BBNR. Call for a free consultation at 212-808-0448 and read more about our victories at

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